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 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.490+0.00%566.02B16/01 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Income and0P0000.9.220-0.32%169.33B16/01 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis HKD0P0000.10.070-0.10%165.37B16/01 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A acc HKD0P0000.14.800-0.07%165.37B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Global Multi Asset Income Fund A-0P0000.9.944+0.06%64.68B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Global Multi Asset Income Fund A-0P0000.12.610+0.00%64.68B16/01 
 Pictet-Global Emerging Debt P dm HKD0P0000.1,298.710+0.01%57.56B12/01 
 Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection P HKD0P0001.2,194.390+0.63%47.06B12/01 
 JPMorgan Multi Income mth - HKD0P0000.11.660+0.26%46.26B16/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund HKD C AccumulatioLP6809.161.851+0.13%39.05B15/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund HKD C IncomeLP6809.115.474+0.13%39.05B15/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund HKD A AccumulatioLP6809.154.402+0.13%39.05B15/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund HKD A IncomeLP6809.110.121+0.13%39.05B15/01 
 HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus-Ha0P0000.29.770-0.23%36B15/01 
 Fidelity Global Investment Fund - Hong Kong Equity0P0000.16.230-0.43%35.05B15/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-HKD0P0000.9.7680.01%34.78B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - China Focus Fund A-Acc-HKD0P0000.19.890+1.48%31.95B16/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Emerging Markets Bond Fun0P0000.72.250+0.12%31.03B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - US High Yield Fund A-MINCOME-HKD0P0000.11.340+0.09%30.48B16/01 
 UBS Lux Equity Fund - China Opportunity USD HKD P-0P0001.1,979.220+1.62%27.1B16/01 
 JPMorgan Japan (Yen) (acc) - JPY0P0000.39,023.000+1.40%26.72B16/01 
 Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks A2 HKD Mdis0P0001.11.940+0.93%25.78B16/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Hong Kong0P0000.6.709-0.61%21.13B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Hong Kong0P0000.6.928-0.61%21.13B15/01 
 JPMorgan Funds - Asia Pacific Income Fund A mth - 0P0000.13.640+0.22%20.63B16/01 
 JPMorgan Funds - Asia Pacific Income Fund A acc - 0P0000.14.350+0.21%20.63B16/01 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Hong Kong Eq0P0000.489.781+0.85%17.99B16/01 
 JPMorgan Funds - Emerging Markets Debt Fund A mth 0P0000.10.260+0.20%17.44B16/01 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Emerging Asi0P0000.316.818+0.53%14.87B16/01 
 Franklin Technology Fund A acc HKD0P0000.23.710-0.46%13.66B16/01 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Global High Yield B0P0000.10.327+0.52%13.51B16/01 
 BOC-P HK Equity Provident0P0000.39.280-0.54%13.45B15/01 
 JPMorgan Asia Equity Dividend mth - HKD0P0000.10.870+0.37%13.19B16/01 
 JPMorgan Asia Equity Dividend acc - HKD0P0000.13.520+0.30%13.19B16/01 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Asia ex Japan Equit0P0000.19.889+0.39%12.97B16/01 
 JPMorgan ASEAN Fund acc - HKD0P0000.12.680+0.32%12.91B16/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - China Fund A2 HKD0P0000.23.110+2.48%12.79B16/01 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Chinese Equity Clas0P0000.15.264+1.81%12.7B16/01 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio A2 Acc0P0000.218.860-0.18%12.55B16/01 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.65.160-0.24%12.55B16/01 
 Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Pl0P0000.29.770-0.23%12.13B15/01 
 AB SICAV I - Low Volatility Equity Portfolio A HKD0P0001.210.8000.00%10.39B16/01 
 AB SICAV I - Low Volatility Equity Portfolio AD HK0P0001.155.270+0.00%10.39B16/01 
 Manulife Global Select MPF Scheme-Manulife MPF Sta0P0000.15.747+0.05%10.12B15/01 
 Schroder International Selection Fund China Opport0P0000.18.237+1.36%9.62B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Emerging Asia Fund A-Acc-HKD0P0000.17.490+0.11%8.27B16/01 
 Fidelity Funds - European Growth Fund C-DIST-DIST-0P0000.11.450+0.17%7.64B16/01 
 Schroder Balanced Investment Fund HKD Acc0P0000.63.100+0.38%7.5B15/01 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Global Emerg0P0000.149.701+0.57%7.38B16/01 
 BOC-P Global Bond Provident0P0000.22.903+0.54%6.59B15/01 
 Janus Capital Funds plc - Janus Balanced Fund A HK0P0000.11.180-0.27%6.27B16/01 
 Janus Capital Funds plc - Janus Balanced Fund A HK0P0000.16.800-0.36%6.27B16/01 
 JPMorgan Multi Income acc - USD0P0000.14.540+0.28%5.92B16/01 
 JPMorgan Multi Income mth - USD0P0000.11.630+0.26%5.92B16/01 
 PineBridge US Equity Fund0P0000.30.720+0.00%5.69B15/01 
 HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund-SuperTrust Plus Chin0P0000.17.320-1.14%5.63B15/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Emerging Markets Local Cu0P0000.36.280+-0.27%5.47B16/01 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Managed Solutions -0P0000.11.117+0.28%5.41B16/01 
 BEA Union Investment Global Bond ALP6501.123.690+0.50%5.18B15/01 
 Allianz Global Investors Choice Fund - Allianz Cho0P0000.47.060+2.06%5.1B16/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund USD C Accumulatio0P0000.14.408+0.13%4.99B15/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund USD A Accumulatio0P0000.15.369+0.12%4.99B15/01 
 Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund USD A Income0P0000.10.961+0.12%4.99B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Growth Fu0P0000.2.923-0.07%4.9B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Growth Fu0P0000.3.019-0.06%4.9B15/01 
 BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi Income FunLP6814.111.710-0.28%4.25B15/01 
 BOC-Prudential Global Equity Fund - Provident Clas0P0000.29.694+0.06%4.09B15/01 
 Fidelity Funds - China Focus Fund C-DIST-USD0P0000.13.550+1.50%4.09B16/01 
 BOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF Scheme-BOC-Prudenti0P0000.29.441+0.25%3.87B15/01 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz China Equi0P0000.13.960+1.97%3.82B16/01 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz China Equi0P0000.2,011.610+2.02%3.82B16/01 
 BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency Fund 0P0000.11.610-0.43%3.77B15/01 
 Invesco Funds - Invesco India Equity Fund A Accumu0P0000.166.960-1.99%3.72B16/01 
 Manulife Global Select MPF Scheme-Manulife MPF Nor0P0000.17.487-0.01%3.44B15/01 
 BCT MPF Pro Choice-BCT Pro Asian Equity Fund0P0000.3.779+0.39%3.42B15/01 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Global Equit0P0000.1,007.222+0.10%3.41B16/01 
 Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks A2 Mdis0P0001.12.950+0.86%3.3B16/01 
 Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks A10P0001.99.170+0.91%3.3B16/01 
 Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks Z0P0001.15.800+0.89%3.3B16/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Stable Fu0P0000.2.1260.09%3.12B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Stable Fu0P0000.2.1960.10%3.12B15/01 
 Manulife Global Select MPF Scheme-Manulife MPF Int0P0000.16.560+0.30%3.09B15/01 
 Schroder Growth HKD-ACC0P0000.29.740+0.37%3.07B15/01 
 Fidelity Retirement Master Trust-Asia Pacific Equi0P0000.26.467+0.22%3.07B15/01 
 Invesco Funds Series 2 - Invesco Emerging Markets 0P0000.107.080+0.04%2.95B16/01 
 ZEAL Voyage China Fund0P0000.2.093+0.68%2.9B16/01 
 Fidelity Retirement Master Trust-Global Equity Fun0P0000.27.287+0.29%2.87B15/01 
 Invesco Strategic MPF Scheme-Balanced Fund - A0P0000.23.556+0.17%2.86B15/01 
 Invesco Strategic MPF Scheme-Balanced Fund – H0P0000.24.776+0.17%2.86B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Balanced 0P0000.2.515+0.01%2.82B15/01 
 Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme-Sun Life MPF Balanced 0P0000.2.5970.01%2.82B15/01 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Emerging A0P0000.16.890+0.84%2.8B16/01 
 BEA (MPF) Industry Scheme-BEA (Industry Scheme) St0P0000.19.067+0.23%2.61B15/01 
 Manulife Global Select MPF Scheme-Manulife MPF Han0P0000.17.357+0.16%2.57B15/01 
 Principal MPF-Smart Plan-Fidelity Global Equity Fu0P0000.13.990+0.29%2.27B15/01 
 Principal MPF Scheme Series 800-Principal China Eq0P0000.17.265-0.88%2.25B15/01 
 PineBridge Europe Equity Fund0P0000.27.070+0.93%2.21B15/01 
 HSBC Mandatory Provident Fund-SuperTrust Plus Glob0P0000.12.110+0.41%2.16B15/01 
 Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund-SuperTrust Plus0P0000.17.320-1.14%2.1B15/01 
 AB SICAV I - Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Portfoli0P0000.113.110-0.27%2.04B16/01 
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